Kidney Disease

Sushrut Waikar

Sushrut S. Waikar, M.D.

Medical Need

Acute kidney injury and chronic kidney diseases are common, costly, and associated with poor outcomes and early mortality.
Diagnostic testing for kidney disease still relies on standard clinical tests that have been in use for decades. Therapies for acute and chronic kidney diseases are also very limited. Better diagnostic tests may lead to better therapeutics, which should translate into better outcomes for patients with and at risk for kidney disease around the world.

Current Research

1. Measurement of renal functional reserve as a complementary measure of kidney health or dysfunction
2. Research kidney biopsies in acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease to identify disease subgroups and molecular signatures of common forms of kidney disease
3. Biomarker development in acute and chronic kidney disease

NIH/NIDDK Kidney Precision Medicine Project
Laboratory website

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